Richard K Grimes

Hello and welcome to my page, this is my first post and I just wanted to say hello and thank you for coming to my page. I’ll be updating this page with great content about my life, business, marketing, currency trading, hobbies I am passionate about and anything that I think may be of value!

I will send updates from my facebook profile, twitter profile, pinterest profile, tumblr profile, instagram profile, as well as my youtube channel. I welcome you folks to comment below and follow me on all of my social media accounts.

I am eager to finally share my experiences about my life and my Marketing Career. I have been marketing online since 2001 and I look forward to teaching you folks a lot of great things that have helped me to achieve the level of success that I have.

I will also be sharing with you folks things that have worked for me in the past as well as things that have not worked for me so well.

I have done everything from article marketing, press releases, backlinking, solo ad marketing, email marketing, google adwords, bing ads, instagram marketing, facebook marketing, youtube videos with great success and many other great marketing tactics.

One of the things I like to share about how I got started was in College, my internet was actually shut down from the campus administrators because they told me I had spammed a lot of people. Funny story that I like to share because I was recommended to go to ebay and buy 1 million emails, so I did. Next thing you know they told me to go ahead and buy an email submitter that I was able to upload all the emails to and press send. So I did just that and the funny thing was I thought well with a 1% conversion rate, soon I would be generating $10,000 a day online and was pretty excited. So I went to class and when I came back to my dorm room that day I came home to a dropped internet connection and was pretty upset. They told me I had spammed a lot of people and I was at the risk of going through some major consquences and they took my internet priviledges away and that is when I really started to learn internet marketing.

Fast forward to today I am learning all of the latest tactics on Marketing in 2016 from paid advertising with Facebook and how to properly grow my instagram account. As of this current writing I have about 2k followers on my instagram account and hope to ramp that up to 10k followers or more by the next 3 months.

I look forward to helping others by sharing my experiences on how I made my first dollar online, to how I am able to build websites from scratch in niche markets that will keep you passionate that you will want to learn more about in hope that you will endeavor to live the internet lifestyle.

If you like the content you read on this page I welcome you to connect with me on my social media accounts as well as don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter. I’ll always try my best to provide the best content possible as well as look forward to me sending tried and tested product reviews that I have first tried myself!

Best of luck to you in 2016 and beyond and as always Live Your Life With Passion!

Best Regards,

Richard Grimes


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